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Sublime Treatment Line is a powerful treatment for repairing the hair that has been damaged by aggressive hairstyling treatments, at both in the cortex and in the cuticle level. With long-lasting effect.

The line is formulated with the most innovative actives in the scope of long lasting hair repairing, which act on all hair damage, restoring the properties of a virgin hair.

abril et nature Sublime Treatment

sublime treatment

With hyaluronic acid, which moisturises hair fibre and recovers its flexibility, elasticity and resistance to breakage.

With 18-methyl eicosanoic acid derivative which restores hair cuticle and locks cuticle cells into their original flat position

Plant protein complex: repairs the keratin chains in the cortex.

Plant stem cells culture extract: recovers hair youth.

Caviar extract: anti-oxidant effect by means of its content in vitamins A, D, E and B12.

Argan oil: helps regenerate the hair and, instantly, provides a powerful shine

Shea butter: moisturises and protects hair